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9 January 2014
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12 December 2014
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The acquisition of the business of Imperial Air Cargo (IAC) is the biggest deal BidAir Cargo has struck in 15 years. IAC brings with them three contracted Boeing 737-200F freighters which we are using for our overnight service. This is significant because we now have a comprehensive range of daytime and overnight services to satisfy the total needs of our market.

Couriers have been pressing us for the extra convenience of a one-stop-shop. The logical solution was the acquisition of IAC, with whom we already had a

successfulworkingrelationship. After extensive discussions, we made an offer for the business which was accepted. WethenhadtowaitfortheCompetition Commission to approve the acquisition which has now been done.

The highlight was the three freighters operating overnight to a comprehensive schedule networking the coast with Johannesburg in both directions. The highly-experienced IAC operations team moved into our premises and are already part of the family. As senior IAC manager, Vernon Muller, put it “The

movewasnatural.Wesharedthesame goals and served the express logistics industry jointly for years; now we are performingasoneunit.”

Our position as South Africa’s leading independent provider of Express Airport-to-Airport line-haul solutions has thus been further strengthened and we look forward to continued growth with our clients in the courier industry.

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