John Adams

20 May 2019

Cargo Chat Edition 22

At the end, it’s the human interaction that’s remembered.
16 January 2019

Cargo Chat Edition 21

All of us at BidAir cargo look forward to continuing to serve you in the New Year.
17 October 2018

Cargo Chat Edition 20

Talking to clients, I have the impression every day is peak season in the express parcel industry. Volumes keep growing while the urgency doesn’t let up. And in a few weeks, we all face even more time and capacity pressure. To accommodate clients who use our overnight express, we accept shipments up to the time limit, giving them more leeway to collect and consolidate.
20 August 2018

Cargo Chat Edition 19

Express parcels may be subject to pilferage, damage or contamination which experience and expert procedures mitigate. There are so many links in the chain that only a close and long-term partnership can do justice to the interests of all. Just as importantly, the people in each party at all levels, get to know their counterparts, building trust, openness and a mutually-beneficial working relationship.
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