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20 August 2018
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16 January 2019
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Capacity. Technology. Partnership

Talking to clients, I have the impression every day is peak season in the express parcel industry. Volumes keep growing while the urgency doesn’t let up. And in a few weeks, we all face even more time and capacity pressure. To accommodate clients who use our overnight express, we accept shipments up to the time limit, giving them more leeway to collect and consolidate. At destination, quick hand-out gets them away faster to sort and distribute parcels timeously. As everyone thus wants to be at the airport at the same time, the inevitable result is a tight time window. Moreover parcels still have to be accepted, documented, screened for security, weighed and dimensioned and allocated space aboard the aircraft. Any delay has a knock-on effect throughout the express chain. So how do we mitigate capacity and time constraints? Capacity cannot be turned on nor off instantly as finding suitable aircraft is a costly and lengthy business. After extensive consultation with clients, at the start of the third quarter, we introduced a fourth freighter for our overnight express service. This was possible because many clients are working with us on a contract basis.

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