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12 March 2016
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11 November 2016
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Long term growth

I am delighted to tell clients that BidAir Cargo has signed a three-year lease for two Boeing 737- 300F aircraft to carry Overnight Express Cargo on our network. This contract reflects our confidence in the long-term growth of the express cargo business and the need for continuous progress to satisfy the needs of the courier industry. Aircraft operation is an expensive business especially with major costs such as leases, fuel and spares dollar denominated and thus exposed to exchange-rate fluctuation. Efficiency, economy and reliability are paramount to sustain service levels and keep tariffs affordable for couriers and their customers. Hence we needed to move up to new generation aircraft. The new freighters are 14 years younger than the trusty workhorses they replace. They offer 20% additional capacity, 10% lower fuel consumption and can take-off on shorter runways even with an increased payload. Their CFM56 turbofan engines are environmentally-friendly, reducing both noise and emissions.
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