Cargo Chat Edition 13

Cargo Chat Edition 12
12 September 2016
Cargo Chat Edition 14
1 March 2017
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Meeting Your Needs

A big thank you to our clients for your continued support. The year has been tough and challenging for all of us but overall rewarding. Our goal at BidAir Cargo is to retain market leadership through understanding your needs, adapting our services to fulfil them and co-operating closely. That’s why during 2016 our most important decision was upgrading to newer generation Boeing 737F freighters for our Overnight Express services. Such an investment is not made lightly, which is why we engaged in extensive consultation with clients. So these are your aircraft, integral to the express parcel community and we will operate them according to market requirements. In a fast-changing business like ours, continuity and the quality of relationships is critical. So in addition to equipment and procedures, we made a huge investment in education and training. The result has been greater stability, low staff turnover and meaningful client interaction. We are encouraged to see that many clients are also investing in people development.
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