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DOMESTIC Overnight Express – Durban route

Secure, safe and speedy Our Overnight Express service to and from Durban meets the needs of couriers for safety, security, speed and convenient timing.“Clients tell us they favour air over road because the transit is quicker, “ says Lenishia Naicker, BidAir Cargo Regional Manager for KwaZulu -Natal. “They have more time to collect cargo before hand-in and they appreciate the earlier hand-out. Also, their customers appreciate the containerisation aspect with its security, less handling and greater certainty of performance. Cargo care, reduced handling and greater security reduce hidden costs such as insurance premiums and operational time and involvement in risk management. Road transport risks range from loss through pilferage or hijacking, delays through traffic accidents and extreme weather (yes,even snow and ice during the winter).” To keep the service cost-effective, the older aircraft has been replaced with a leased Antonov workhorse with the capacity to handle growing volumes. Key Accounts Manager at BidAir Cargo Durban, Rixon Moodley sums up why air beats road hands down. • Air is far faster at moving a shipment from Durban to Johannesburg and other destinations in our network • Quick transit times eliminate the need for cargo staging as it can be cleared and delivered to customers immediately • The short hand-in times are designed to allow clients and their customers more time for collection while still making the cut • The Overnight Express dedicated freighter has reliable departure and arrival times • The tightly-managed airport security reduces exposure to damage or theft • Online tracking permits clients to follow the status of consignments Clients are reminded that Overnight Express is complemented by 115 daily flights on our Same Day Express service serving all major and most secondary airports. In other words, we have a round-the-clock option for all movers of express cargo offering the fastest transit times, cargo care, security, reliability and cost-effectiveness.
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